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All interactions are conducted through an intuitive and Artificially Intelligent bot. The Wine Agent will find great deals every week.

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Message the bot, say 'Hi', answer a few of the required signup questions and you're on your way to unbeatable savings on great wines.

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You see the deal, you like the deal, you enter in a few commands to our Virtual Agent and before you know it you're back to what you were doing a minutes ago.

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Every week the Virtual Wine Agent will notify you of the new amazing deal on offer.

We Wine

How the Wine Agent Works

The virtual agent will start learning about you and the wines you love and slowly start to offer you a personalised experience. Behind the scenes our real wine agents will be going out and making sure we can get you those wines for prices you’ve never paid before!


Who wouldn’t want their own personal wine sommelier in their pocket with them all the time?

At WineAgent we’re really passionate about wine. We also love a good deal, who doesn’t?! So we decided to build an Artificially Intelligent virtual Wine Agent, whose soul purpose is to be your own personal sommelier in your pocket! It will help you find the wines you love, pair your meals with the perfect wines and more!.

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